In 2002 Johan released his first album, the ambitious “Head Back In The Clouds”. This album features 14 original, non-country songs, especially written for this project. The album features steelguitar duets with Paul Franklin, Dan Tyack and Bob Hoffnar. It also features some very well respected Dutch musicians like René van Barneveld (Très Manos), Robin van Vliet, Toni Peroni, Stephan Wienjes, Sander van Herk & Wilmer Wolff. This last one also produced this album.Songs featured on this album are: 

  1. Don’t Blame It On Love
  2. Conceiving
  3. Crazy From The Heart
  4. Everything
  5. Running Out Of You
  6. Stand Tall
  7. Love O.D.
  8. Live Of Love
  9. Head Back In The Clouds
  10. You-Me
  11. J.J.Jam
  12. Changes
  13. Change of Heart
  14. Running Dub (End Titles)


Produced by Wilmer Wolf
Executive producer: Case
All songs written by Case Schafrat
Recorded & mixed by Wilmer Wolf at Starsound Studio, Utrecht
Some basic tracks were recorded at the Bananasstudio in Haarlem (NL).
Paul Franklin recorded at The Rat’s Nest in Nashville, Tennessee (USA)
Mastered by Hay Zeelen at Studio Jules, Hilversum
Art direction: Duncan Baumbach (C.A.P.) & Peter Pontiac
Photography: Arnold Bartman

Marketing: Nash Music
Distribution: Coast To Coast
Licensed from Starsound Publishing
cat. no.: 134.006-2 www.nashmusic.nl
© 2002 Starsound Publishing. All rights reserved.

People in North-America can order the CD from the Steel Guitar Forum Store.

JJ is a member of these bands:

Cash On Delivery was formed in 1996 after a previous band JJ was in decided to stop. Initally the band consisted of Ad Welten on bass, Loek van Heijster on drums, JJ on steelguitar, Wim van der Vliert leadvocals & guitar and Ilse DeLange leadvocals & guitar. When Ilse started her solo career in 1998 her place eventually was taken by Jacqueline van der Griend. Cash On Delivery is one of The Netherlands most popular country bands and are performing regularly at big country festivals. In 2002 Cash On Delivery released it’s first studio album, “Deliverance”.

The official website of Cash On Delivery: www.cashondelivery.org

The Secret Combination is a band that consists of several well know Dutch musicians lead by singer/songwriter Jeff Mitchell. They are René van Barnevel on guitar, Toni Peroni on drums, Chip Visser on bass, Robin van Vliet on keyboards, Wilmer Wolf on guitar and JJ on steelguitar. The band was started as a studio project and have released their debut album “Introducing…” in 2001. Because of commitments to other bands they haven’t been able to perform live.

The official website of The Secret Combination: www.secretcombination.com

Met het debuut album “VEG OUT!” brengt Any Vegetable in 2016 een plaat uit gegrond in Amerikaanse muziek. De 6-koppige band onder leiding van gerenommeerd bassist en songwriter Pieter Douma (BGUTI Orchestra, Blowbeat) is een krachtige rock groep met uitstapjes naar jazz, country, blues en funk.

The official facebook page of Any Vegetable: www.facebook.com/AnyVegetableMusic

THE AMERICAN COUNTRY LEGENDS – THEATRE CONCERT Country Music found its way back to the hot venues of Europe and beyond, with the start of the tour of ‘The American Country Legends’ in the Amsterdam RAI theatre and World Forum Theatre, The Hague.

Country Music is once again appreciated by the public; not only because this theatre show is filled with legendary songs, but also because these hits from the good old west are brought back to life by internationally appreciated musicians.

A selection from the best Country and West-Coast Music from Kenny Rogers, The Eagles, Linda Ronstadt, Lady Antebellum, Rascal Flatts, Randy Newman and Alison Krauss, as well as less known golden oldies, will move you. Of course sing-alongs like On The Road Again will add to the emotional roller-coaster.

If you want to experience real and pure country and west coast music, this theatre show should be on your bucket-list!

The official website of The American Country Legends: https://lanawolf.nl/tacl/

The official facebook page of The American Country Legends: www.facebook.com/TheAmericanCountryLegends/

2003 – Johan Jansen Plays Country Love Songs On Steelguitar

On june 14th, 2003 Johan presented his CD entitled “Johan Jansen Plays Country Love Songs On Steelguitar”. This album is part of a series of albums featuring classic country songs performed by Dutch artists.

Songs featured on this album are:

  1. For The Good Times
  2. Behing Closed Doors
  3. Four Walls
  4. Lonely Street
  5. I Love You So Much It Hurts Me
  6. These Arms Of Mine
  7. Almost Persuaded
  8. Crazy Arms
  9. Last Date
  10. I Fall The Pieces
  11. You Don’t Have To Say You Love Me
  12. Tennessee Waltz
  13. Sleepwalk
  14. Fraulein

Musicians featured on this CD are: Ad Welten (bass guitar), Willem Cremers (drums), Sven Derix (drums, vibraphone), Patrick van Gerven (guitars, mandoline), Benjamin van Beek (piano, hammond organ) and Wiel Derix (horns).

It was recorded at Starsound Studios Oss, arranged, engineered and mixed by Sven Derix. Executive produced was Ruud Pennings for Starsound Studio Oss.

The albums was officialy presented at the release party which took place at “De Nieuwe Zweep” in Klarenbeek. Here Johan also got to play a couple of tracks from the album live, together with Cash On Delivery.



2014 – Here Goes Nothin’ (For Tax-Deductable Reasons Only)

After a decade Johan Jansen is back with his new album called Here Goes Nothin’ (For Tax-Deductable Reasons Only).

It is available for purchase from CD HAL.