Interview with Johan Jansen

Check out this wonderully in-depth interview of Johan by Jan Visser. An excerpt: All those critisizers can play faster and better than me. I applaude them for that… But a musician plays music from his own heart and not from a borrowed one. Also, he uses his own...

JJ on Radio 3 with Waylon

On March 16th JJ had to get up really early in the morning to play with Dutch singer Waylon on one of the most popular morning radio shows, hosted by Giel Beelen. There was a webcam present, so not only sound but also pictures!

JJ at Guitar Experience

October 31st JJ and his band Cash On Delivery were present at the 10th Guitar Experience, together with other dutchguitar players such as Harry Sacksioni, Rene van Barneveld and Patrick van Gerven. More information can be found at

JJ with The Lowlanders

JJ played with The Lowlanders at the Floralia Festival inOosterhout, The Netherlands on sunday August 9th. Other acts on the billwere Steve Wariner, Rob Crosby and The Eagles Tribute band. Wanna check out what The Lowlanders are about? Watch the video...

JJ with Ilse

December 20th JJ was heard playing with Ilse DeLange during the Radio 2 show TROS Muziekcafé.